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fleet servicesWhen you own a fleet of vehicles, be it Mercedes Sprinter vans or Power Stroke diesel trucks, you need those vehicles out on the road, earning you money. These vehicles are used daily to deliver goods and people all over the area and country at large, and if you operate a fleet, you know even one vehicle in the shop can hurt the bottom line. So at Extra Mile Auto Repair, we want to partner with you for all your fleet services in Hudson, FL. We’ll keep your fleet in fantastic shape, and we’ll make sure that your vehicles are always doing their job.

Fleet Services Hudson FL

At Extra Mile Auto Repair, we know that having your fleet on the road is important. That’s why we will customize a fleet service plan, especially for you. We take into account your schedule and budget, and we design a plan around both. From your regular oil changes to brake service and all your other scheduled maintenance, we make sure that your fleet is never off the road for long. With a customized fleet service plan from Extra Mile Auto Repair, you’ll never need to worry about sudden breakdowns or problems.

Fleet Repair Hudson FL

Fleet repair is essential for fleet owners who want to keep their fleets in peak condition. Our experienced and reliable technicians regularly maintain fleet vehicles, diagnose and repair any problems, inspect fleet vehicles before and after trips, and keep track of fleet maintenance records. Fleet repair services can range from minor repairs, such as oil changes and tire rotation, to more complex solutions, such as engine repairs, transmission work, suspension work, and brake servicing. With regular fleet repair services, fleet owners can reduce roadside assistance and breakdown costs while also increasing their fleet vehicles’ longevity.

Fleet Repair Near Me

If you run a fleet of vehicles, especially Ford Power Stroke diesel, one of our specialties, Extra Mile Auto Repair in Hudson, FL, wants to work with you to make sure that each and every vehicle in your fleet is always well-maintained and in good working order. Give us a call or make an appointment, and we’ll show you what makes us the very best.

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